Rolling out the green carpet for tourists

Noordwijk_STARTER.jpgEager to visit the beach but not to deal with the summer holiday traffic? A Dutch town is initiating efforts to help visitors avoid the hassle of traffic and make visiting convenient, pleasant and green. Welcome to Noordwijk!  

Mobycon and the municipality of Noordwijk have joined forces through STARTER, an international project that is partially subsidized by the European Commission. Through STARTER, five regions are aiming to reduce transport energy use and greenhouse gas emissions by 10 percent through implementing Local Travel Plan Networks (LTPNs). These networks, which typically include of a group of local stakeholders from tourism and government, work together on developing Local Travel Plans to create more and greener transportation options for residents and tourists alike. The LTPNs have been active for over two years and will be introducing new measures this summer.

Noordwijk plans to offer a free shuttle bus on sunny Sundays to take visitors directly to the beach from a parking lot outside of the city centre. Passengers of the shuttle bus receive a free voucher and information leaflet to make their stay at the beach more pleasant. This leaflet will also be handed out at the tourist information centres and by local restaurants and bars.  

The municipality is working on a new website dedicated to increasing the accessibility of the city for all modes of transportation. The site will including public transport timetables, a multimodal route planner, information on the beach shuttle service and more.

Are you travelling in The Netherlands this summer? Stop off in Noordwijk and enjoy the beach without a hassle.  

For more information about the STARTER project, visit the website or contact Liesbeth van Alphen or Hans Zuiver directly with questions.  


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