Looking for more Dutch bicycling?

naviki-delft.jpgCycling through The Netherlands is believing that transportation cycling is possible on the grand scale. The bike is also one of the most practical ways of travelling our country. If you are looking to better develop cycling in your community, come learn from the successes (and failures) of Dutch bicycling. Many custom and even free options are available to fit your needs. Why start from scratch when you can use the Dutch approach as a starting point for developing your community’s own unique tradition? 


If you prefer to explore on your own two-wheels, consider downloading the free NAVIKI app on your Android or iPhone. Features of the NAVIKI website and app include bicycle route planning, navigation and access to routes and feedback from other cyclists. Discover Dutch Cycling is the newest feature available via NAVIKI and features unique bicycle routes selected by cities across the country to showcase the best of Dutch bicycling. 

Upcoming study tours

If you are coming from a community with big goals for the bike, consider participating in a study tour. Mobycon offers study tours on a variety of cycling and mobility topics, including the upcoming Bicycle 360 tour, July 23-25 and Shared Space tour, October 15-17. Bicycle 360 is a crash course in the Dutch cycling tradition covering infrastructure, facilities, policy and culture. The Shared Space tour dispels misunderstandings about this concept through immersing participants in spaces that have been transformed into places. Visit our study tours website for more information.

Customised tours

If you have a laundry list of Dutch destinations and/or concepts that you want to explore, Mobycon is able to pair you with the best guide(s) for the job and create a tailor-made study tour. Contact Angela van der Kloof for more information or visit our website to begin brainstorming about your customised study tour.

Immersion is the best route to mastering the language of transportation bicycling. Repurposing lessons learned abroad can help your community move more quickly toward meeting bicycling goals.

We hope to see you in The Netherlands soon! 


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