Sharing traffic innovations at NVC

pro-e-bike.pngMobycon consultants will be sharing their research on two different sustainable transportation topics that have the potential to affect traffic congestion at The National Traffic Congress or NVC   (Dutch National Traffic Conference) November 12, 2014 This year's theme is "Innovation in traffic." 


Bicycle Delivery

The European Project Cycle Logistics has found that 51 percent of urban deliveries could be made by bicycle. Mobycon has been working on pilot projects encouraging the use of small-scale electric vehicle, such as e-bikes and e-scooters cargo for delivery or goods, services and passengers. Ronald Jorna and Jaap Sytsma will present findings from the BEST FACT and PRO E-BIKE projects. 


Winter cycling

Although, generally Dutch people use bicycles all year round, there is a decline during winter. For example, in the Province of Fryslân - host of Winter Cycling 2015 Leeuwarden - cycling makes up 29 percent of daily trips in the summer and 20 percent in the winter. Angela van der Kloof has been researching the topic and will present an overview of Dutch winter cycling behavior. 


Dutch traffic trends

NVC is focused on sharing developments in traffic engineering and is a project of the CROW technology platform for transport, infrastructure and public space and the Dutch traveler's association ANWB. At last year's conference, new research shared showed travel behavior in the Netherlands is changing and the result is reduced traffic congestion. Many factors are contributing to this reduction, including the economic crisis, the rise in telecommuting, reduced car ownership among young people, more online shopping, senior citizens using the e-bicycle, a large national project Better Utilisation focused on smarter use of traffic infrastructure and more. 


We're looking forward to sharing findings from this year's conference. For questions about bicycle logistics or the EU projects BEST FACT or PRO-E-BIKE, contact Ronald Jorna. Contact Angela van der Kloof with questions about Dutch winter cycling. For more information about the Winter Cycling Congress 2015 Leeuwarden, visit the website


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