Johan Diepens presenting street design workshop in Ottawa (CA)

Bike_Network.jpgJohan Diepens will present “Shared Space Design Solutions for 30-Kilometre Zones” a workshop in Ottawa, Canada, 14 November. 30-kilometre zones are a growing international trend but there are still many unanswered questions about how to adapt streets designed for higher speeds and create safe spaces for all road users, including children, pedestrians and cyclists. The workshop is meant to equip participants with knowledge about proven design approaches for designing efficient and effective 30-kilometre zones.


What are the workshop highlights?


  • Understand the role speed plays in safe road design for all users, including a cost benefit analysis
  • Learn strategies for winning support from key stakeholder groups
  • Apply road design tools for slow speeds through map exercises
  • Explore strategies to create a network of streets that form a 30-kilometre zone
  • Find out more about Shared Space and the benefits for all road users
  • Learn do's and don'ts from international case studies relevant to Canadian cities


Who is the trainer?


Johan Diepens is a traffic engineer and Founder and CEO of Mobycon. Johan has been designing traffic, transport and mobility solutions in the Netherlands for more than 25 years. Johan has taught Dutch bicycle planning workshops in countries all around the world, including Canada, Australia and Mexico. Through paying attention to changing trends, Johan is able to provide advice that fits the needs of changing societies and share knowledge in a way that suits the local context.


What is the training approach?


Throughout the workshop, Johan will act as a “coach” rather than “expert.” He will share information about methods that have worked in places like the Netherlands with the understanding that Dutch examples cannot be copied, but rather used as inspiration for local solutions. With over 25 years of experience in designing people-friendly spaces, Johan will share a way of thinking to inspire new ways to improve road safety.


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