Sustainable logistics pilot projects and news

Traffic congestion causes over 400 accidents and a loss of around a billion EURO every year in the Netherlands. New apps being piloted by Mobycon and partner BBZOB through the Weastflows project aim to improve safety and traffic flow by enabling better communication between freight drivers in the Netherlands. Read this story and more in the latest edition of the Weastflows newsletter.


Weastflows is a project bringing together experts from across Northwest Europe to help enable more efficient and sustainable freight movement. Weastflows is undertaking research and exploring ICT solutions to support better use of existing infrastructure and freight traffic flows and encourage a shift to more sustainable rail, sea and inland waterway transport. Solutions are being piloted to demonstrate how commercial and environmental benefits can be delivered. The project is also looking at the need for better connected freight flows with the rest of Europe, Asia and North America. The project is part of the INTERREG IVB NWE programme and funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).


Read the newsletter or visit the Weastflows Web site for more information about the project. For questions, contact Mobycon Consultant Ronald Jorna


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