ITS & Bikes contributing to Vision Zero

ROVL_Symposium.jpgVision Zero, the traffic safety concept originating in Sweden and recently adopted in New York has also has been gaining traction across the Netherlands in recent years. In the Netherlands, we are of course recognized as leaders in bicycle transportation planning, but until everyone arrives home safely, there is still progress to be made. A recent symposium marking the 25th anniversary of the Province of Limburg’s traffic safety organisation (Regionaal Orgaan Verkeersveiligheid Limburg or ROVL), focused on Vision Zero. Mobycon Consultant Angela van der Kloof spoke about how Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and bikes can contribute to this vision.


Mobycon began working on ITS and bikes through a European Commission project, called SAFECYCLE, which focused on e-safety applications for cyclists. Many innovative applications exist and more are being developed. Interesting examples include Lexguard, a warning system that can detect cyclists in the blind spots of trucks and buses and a laser that is mounted to a bicycle and emits a “honk” and flashes lights at motorists that come to close. Despite the progress made, Angela pointed out “vehicle-to-vehicle” detection is still too narrowly defined. V-to-V applications must also include detection of cyclists, pedestrians, children and even pets, if they are to increase safety on multimodal streets. Angela called on her fellow colleagues in transportation and traffic safety to take action and once again demonstrate Dutch leadership in the field of bicycle planning through the embrace of traffic safety 2.0. 


Other presentations at the symposium also focused on technical innovations. The conclusion summed up by Erik Koppe, deputy of traffic safety and chairman of ROVL of the symposium is that technical developments can improve roads safety but human behaviour is still the most important component to achieving zero traffic fatalities.


We hope to share more about the progress being made in this area soon. Angela has previously presented on the topic of ITS and bicycles in the United States at Pro Walk/Pro Bike/Pro Place Pittsburgh in September 2014, see presentation below. 



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