Dutch DRT innovations at Breckenridge Conference

In September 2016, the International Conference on Demand Responsive Transportation (DRT) took place in Breckenridge, Colorado. Practitioners and scientists from North America and Europe shared their knowledge, experiences and challenges. Since Mobycon is an experienced consultant in this field of transportation we are member of the steering committee of the conference and in Breckenridge we presented recent developments from the Netherlands.

In the past, DRT-systems in the Netherlands were organized at a local level, however today we have developed integrated regional systems that combine transportation for different target groups. Integration in the public transit system is one of the developments on which we have worked in several projects. Now we see the development of multi-client – multi-operator systems that ensure a high quality of transportation in combination with an efficient operation. At the conference, we presented and discussed these developments and showed the results observed in some regions. It turned out that the developments in the Netherlands are interesting for North American authorities, agencies and operators, especially concerning the introduction of a regional planning and control centre to integrate all types of transportation.

The next edition of the conference will take place in spring 2018 in the United State. At this conference Mobycon will present an update of the developments in the Netherlands. 


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