Experiencing Nijmegen’s cycling culture

We are excited to welcome you in the Netherlands, especially Arnhem and Nijmegen, during the international Velo-city congress (June 13 – 16).  The Netherlands, known for its well-established cycling culture, is also worth a visit after congress hours. Mobycon has designed a map showing Nijmegen’s cycling culture highlights for congress’ visitors who have some spare time after or during the program. It helps to learn about the Dutch’ cycling culture, especially the unseen.

This map could be used to informally meet the Dutch cycling culture. Part of our cycling education happens while taking part in traffic. From toddlers supported by their moms

and dads, to teenagers, to elderly: everyone remains capable of cycling through simply doing it. Cycle your way round Nijmegen and identify the elements of our cycling behavior.

Link to the map: http://tiny.cc/mobycon

Understanding the map

  1. Green cyclist signs identify unseen Dutch cultural elements.
  2. The purple signage indicates recreational purposes: a place to rest or enjoy cycling.
  3. Orange signs represent – innovative – infrastructural bike solutions.
  4. The blue signs are located at two secondary schools. Watching the pupils leave school to go home already provides insight in real-time cycling education.

Please drop by at the Dutch Pavillion where we hope to meet many of you during the breaks, or participate in the sessions in which our colleagues Johan Diepens and Angela van der Kloof are involved.

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