We are nominated for the Dutch Cycling Innovation Award

This spring we collaborated with Fontys International Lifestyle Studies from the Netherlands and developed ‘Light Up Your Mood’ (LUYM); a bike campaign concept to encourage Dutch and international students to cycle safe, with more fun and more frequently. A colored light on the bike communicates the students’ mood, for example ‘I am happy to chat’, or ‘I am less experienced on the bike’. This mood provokes others to adjust their behavior. With this we raise more awareness for international students who are not yet very experienced in cycling. At present 112.000 international students study in the Netherlands.

We were so excited about the collaboration and its results, that we decided to submit the concept for the Dutch Cycling Innovation Award. Just recently, we were nominated for this prize in the category 'Netherlands leading cycling country'. In the future, we want every foreign student in our country to have this sustainable light, to create more interaction between students and to increase safety. The students will take the positive cycling experience home and will become ambassadors for cycling for everyone.

Support us in our goal to win the award. This will allow us to implement these ideas.

  1. Go to the website where you can vote until September 15th: http://tourdeforce2020.nl/index.php/kies-de-beste/
  2. In the red options box, click on the button on the right side that says: Light Up Your Mood
  3. Choose ‘Stem nu!’
  4. Thank you for your support, it is much appreciated!

Here you can find more information about Light Up Your Mood: PDF UPLOAD

The Dutch Cycling Innovation Award will be handed out during the Dutch Cycling Congress on 21st September, 2017. The nominee who receives most points (50/50 jury/public) will be the winner. 

To us every vote counts! 


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