Dick van Veen in Amsterdam for Project for Public Space

Mobycon’s Dick van Veen and Justin Goulding deliver a Shared Space Master Class in Vancouver during last year’s Placemaking Week photo : Justin Goulding.

Building on the momentum of 2016’s Placemaking Week in Vancouver, Project for Public Spaces is bringing Placemaking Week to the Netherlands – the birthplace of shared space! 

Shared Space. You might have heard of it, experienced it, and racked your brains trying to figure out how to get it done. Don’t panic! In this 90-minute session, the basics of Shared Space as an innovative approach to designing streets and places will be presented and experienced in a hands-on workshop. 

Join Dick van Veen (Mobycon, Delft/Ottawa), Ariana Cancelli and Michelle Senayah (the Laneway Project, Toronto) and Gary Toth (PPS) in exploring the basics, the challenges and benefits of Shared Space and the how-to’s of designing for and with local stakeholders. See how this design philosophy started in the Netherlands but went global soon after. Learn how to deal with obstacles on the way to a shared space success. Come and learn the basics of shared space, and the challenges and benefits of its application in places like Amsterdam and Toronto, Canada. And even get creative and try it out some designing for yourself!

Besides the Shared Space session, Dick will also participate in a fireside chat together with Ben Hamilton Baille, Pieter de Haan and possibly Ariana Cancelli, a Q&A in the evening hours moderated by Gary Toth (PPS). 

For more information on Shared Space, check out the PPS / Mobycon Shared Space Resource or look at one of Dick van Veen’s Dutch designs 

Click here to register for Place Making Week – we look forward to seeing you in Amsterdam! For more information contact Dick van Veen at d.vanveen@mobycon.com


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