Cycling for economic health

Cycling for economic health, a presentation by Johan Diepens. There is no comparing the trunk of a car with the basket of a bicycle – though a cargo bike might come close. But people on bikes are much more susceptible to the charm of fresh fruit and sunny café tables than those speeding by in a car. More frequent stops, mean those bike baskets are filled up more frequently. In other words, bikes are good for business. 

There is hardly a better authority to speak on the subject than Johan Diepens, Mobycon’s CEO, a traffic engineer and business strategist who has been helping municipalities plan and develop bicycle networks for more than 25 years. Johan will present “Business Perspectives and Economic Benefits of Cycle Promotion” at The Danish National Bicycle Conference  May 22-23, 2013 in Svendborg.  Johan will be speaking to planners, advocates, policy-makers and others about making the business case for investing in cycling.

The conference is about generating new ideas for increasing cycling in one of the world’s best countries for cycling – 19 percent of all trips are made by bike – along with The Netherlands – 27 percent of trips are made by bike. Topics will include promotion of cycling in mid-sized cities and rural areas, influencing cycling behavior, economic benefits, cycling to school, bicycle theft, commuting and traffic safety.

For more information about making the business case for cycling or about the Danish National Bicycle Conference, contact Johan Diepens j.diepens@mobycon.nl. Johan leads his company with the goal of delivering smart traffic, transport and mobility solutions designed for people first. 



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