Cycling for social integration

Cycling is simply a way to get around in The Netherlands. When Senior Consultant Angela van der Kloof took a position teaching immigrant women to cycle 20 years ago, she never expected to learn so much doing such a mainstream activity. In reality, she found cycling is linked with an individual’s position within their family as well as within society, and the bicycle is a tool that can be used to empower people. 

At a symposium by the Dutch Cyclist Federation, “Is cycling cool or hot?”, Angela will speak about her experiences teaching cycling to immigrant women in her hometown of Tilburg. The symposium is an exploration of why cycling is a lifestyle for some groups and not for others. The symposium is funded by 'Wijken voor de fiets', which focuses on promoting cycling in areas of The Netherlands where it is an underutilized mode of transportation. 

For more information about Angela’s extensive experience teaching cycling to immigrant women or about the symposium, please get in touch a.vanderkloof@mobycon.nl. Angela is a Senior Consultant with expertise in sustainable mobility and behavior change in the Dutch and international context.


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