Sharrows pave a safer street

King Street in Kitchener, Ontario is being transformed from a street to a multi-modal, public space with flexible parking defined by removable bollards, wide sidewalks with rolled curbs, bike parking, and most recently, super sharrows to help divide the street in a way that gives cyclists comfort and drivers an indication they are sharing the road with another user.

Mobycon Senior Consultant Angela van der Kloof consulted on the addition of sharrows to the King Street renovation plans. The measure was approved by the Kitchener City Council in April. Sharrows welcome cyclists to a street that is too narrow to accommodate a separate lane for two-wheeled traffic.

Angela is a mobility expert with broad international experience, especially in cycling and education.

For more information about the project in Kitchener or Mobycon’s international consulting work, please contact Angela a.vanderkloof@mobycon.nl directly.


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