Ottawa by bike

In the center of Ottawa, the mode share for biking is 6 percent, compared to the Canadian average of 2 percent. New infrastructure is being built including a bike and pedestrian bridge, which will enable cyclists to cross over a busy parkway to reach shopping and other neighborhoods.

Mobycon CEO Johan Diepens  and Senior Consultant Angela van der Kloof visited Ottawa in November 2012 to give a Kickstand Session, bicycle planning master class with partner, Copenhagenize Design Co.  Their advice was recently featured in a magazine article appearing in Healthwise Ottawa.

Kickstand Sessions are two-day workshops tailored to the local community and focused on planning, policy, marketing and culture with the goal of creating more liveable communities.

For more information about Kickstand, contact Angela a.vanderkloof@mobycon.nl or Johan j.diepens@mobycon.nl.




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