Touring on two-wheels

The potential of two-wheeled transportation in facilitating urban transportation was the objective of an exhibition in front of the European Parliament in Brussels on September 18. At Sustainable2Wheels, which was part of the European Commission’s Mobility Week, Senior Consultant Ronald Jorna presented two projects about creating less energy-intensive transportation to serve the tourism industry, STARTER and SEEMORE. 

Mobycon is helping to lead these two European Commission sponsored projects along with partners across Europe. Sustainable Transport for Areas with Tourism Through Energy Reduction (STARTER) is a project that aims at reducing transport energy use and greenhouse gas emissions by 10 percent in five different tourist sites in Europe. SEEMORE is a project that also focuses on increasing the attractiveness of tourist destinations through the development of sustainable transportation modes and new mobility products. 

More information about STARTER and SEEMORE is available on the project websites. For specific details on the projects or the topic of sustainable transportation and tourism, contact Ronald Jorna directly. Ronald is a Senior Consultant at Mobycon with a specialization in transportation and economics. Ronald has extensive experience working on European Commission sponsored projects.


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