Sustainable tourism in Greece

Kos, Greece is a Mediterranean Isle with historic towns, beaches and summer cultural festivals that attract visitors from around the world.  The visitors also bring with them lots of cars and congestion. To improve conditions of transport for visitors and locals and work toward larger goals of the European Commission related to public health and the environment, Kos is one of the communities participating in the European Commission sponsored project, Sustainable Transport for Areas with Tourism Through Energy Reduction (STARTER).

Mobycon consultants, Hans Zuiver and Liesbeth van Alphen went in Kos, Greece September 23-24 to see how the project is progressing there and continue working together with project partners on this innovative approach to transportation and tourism.

For more information about the STARTER project, contact Hans  or Lies directly.  
Hans is an expert at traffic and transport projects working at the local, regional and European level. Liesbeth is an engineer who focuses on European Commission sponsored projects.


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