Going Dutch in Birmingham

Dutch and English experts are coming together to develop ideas for integrating cycling into the city of Birmingham through a conference, which includes leading experts from the fields of cycling and urban planning as well as politicians. Sustainable Mobility Consultant Angela van der Kloof  of Mobycon participated in the Cycle Show 2013 September 26-29.
Exploring how the Dutch have succeeded in building public support for cycling as the country with the highest mode share for cycling in Europe is one objective of the conferences. Applying Dutch lessons to the city of Birmingham and the surrounding area is the second objective of the conference, which is being organized by the Embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands and the Netherlands Business Support Office Manchester in collaboration with the Birmingham City Council and Marketing Birmingham.
For more information about the conference or Mobycon’s international consulting work, contact Angela van der Kloof directly. Angela is a specialist in the areas of teaching and cycling. Angela is specialist in sustainable mobility and behavior change.


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