ThinkBike USA

Thinking through local issues related to accommodating bicycles in cities is the objective of ThinkBike Workshops, which are organized by the Dutch Cycling Embassy. Mobycon designer Dick van Veen  is using his expertise as an architect and traffic engineer to teach workshops in the cities of Chicago, Illinois and Chattanooga, Tennessee.
The Dutch Cycling Embassy is working to share expertise on the Dutch approach to traffic planning through one or two-day ThinkBike Workshops focusing on activities addressing local traffic issues. 
Participants are traffic professionals, officers, engineers, city and traffic planners, politicians, students in the fields of traffic and urban planning and bicycle lobbyists. Besides addressing the infrastructure barriers to greater bicycle integration, the workshops can also address the cultural barriers through including a program about cycling geared toward the general public. 
ThinkBike Workshops are appropriate for cities at all stages of bicycle integration.

For more information about ThinkBike, contact Dick directly. Dick has experience teaching ThinkBike Workshops in the USA, Greece and Finland. He has also taught bicycle planning workshops in Ireland and regularly leads international visitors on bicycle planning research trips in The Netherlands.


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