Knowledge conference europe 2013 - A BRIDGE TO HORIZON2020

The latest innovative traffic and transport projects will be the focus of a one-day meeting, “Kenniscongres Europa 2013 – Een Brug Naar Horizon 2020” Thursday, October 10 at Stayokay in Soest.

The meeting will be an opportunity to learn about the latest European Commission projects undertaken in The Netherlands and begin thinking ahead about projects that could be funded through Horizon2020, the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation of the European Commission for 2014 to 2020.  It is also an opportunity to make contact with potential partners. “The Knowledge Congress Europe 2013” is particularly interesting for governments (municipal, county, state), consulting firms, research institutes, suppliers of traffic and transport sectors (such as ICT, automotive industry), logistics companies and public transport operators.  Topics covered will include, urban mobility, sustainable mobility, traffic, Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), public transport, bike, mobility, freight transport and logistics.  The congress program is available for download, here.

Space is still available, sign up today.  Participants pay 250 euro (excluding VAT). 
Contact Senior Consultant Ronald Jorna directly with specific questions.


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