Carrying the load with cargo bikes

Electric-cargo bikes can be a solution for families with small children and groceries to transport, and they can also be a solution for the delivery of goods within cities. Two European Commission-sponsored projects aim to explore the possibilities offered by e-cargo bikes, and now opportunities for collaboration between the two projects are being explored.

Senior Consultant Ronald Jorna of Mobycon presented the Pro-e-Bike project to the partners of the Cyclelogistics  project.  Pro-e-bike aims to promote the use of e-cargo bikes for the transport of passengers, freight and/or services for professional use, such as parcel delivery, pizza delivery and taxi services.  Cyclelogistics promotes the use of cargo bikes for delivery of freight and parcels and also promotes shopping with cargo bikes.  

There are many areas of overlap between the two projects and in the future efforts will be made to collaborate in the dissemination of knowledge, development of business plans, the creation of knowledge databases and presentation of workshops among other efforts. 

Contact Ronald Jorna with further questions about either project.


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