24 European projects were presented during the Kenniscongres Europa 2013, organised by Mobycon on 10 October in Soest, The Netherlands. The projects presented were funded through various European programmes aimed at research contributing to energy efficiency, sustainable business growth and jobs development. 

Mobycon organized the conference. Consultants served as moderators of various sessions and presented three European projects in which Mobycon is involved, including STARTER, WEASTFLOWS and NAVIKI. STARTER aims at promoting sustainable mobility through creating local travel plan networks in places experiencing seasonal demand for transportation services because of tourism. WEASTFLOWS is focused on promoting more sustainable modes of transport for freight moving along the west to east corridor in Northwest Europe. NAVIKI is a route planning software for cycling, which can be used to create customized websites for villages, cities and regions wishing to promote more transportation by bike. 

For more information about the Kenniscongres Europa 2013 or the projects presented by Mobycon, contact Ronald Jorna


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