E-bikes trials for commuters

Drivers living 6 to 15 kilometers from their workplace in the Dutch town of Bergen op Zoom now have the opportunity to test out an electric bike while commuting to work. Research shows that e-bikes can compete with cars for trips of 15 kilometers or less. The Doorgeeffiets, or Relay Bike program, has the potential to encourage healthier habits among employees and stimulate positive changes to the cycling infrastructure in the surrounding area.

Participants use the bike for a two-week trial period before passing it along to a colleague. Employers are approached first. The employer promotes the program among employees, but employees also take an active part in the program. Participants are encouraged to share their experiences through a blog created for this project, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. After the trial, participants are surveyed, and the data is used to better understand user needs.

The program allows users to try a new type of commuting experience that is healthy, fun and promotes connection between people. Users also get to shape the experience through providing feedback. Businesses get to set an example in their community through supporting health and potentially stimulating improvements to the surrounding road network.  

For more information about this project, contact Liesbeth van Alphen l.vanalphen@mobycon.nl. 


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