Complete Street reconstructions in Ottawa

The car is still the dominant mode of transportation in the Ottawa, Canada but cycling is increasing. With more cyclists on the road, the city is working on implementing policy and design that makes streets safe for all users, including cyclists, pedestrians, drivers and transit users no matter their age or ability. Dutch traffic safety is preventative by nature with concepts like sustainable safety. In Ottawa, we provided design consultation on specific street plans where there was a special focus on preventing conflicts between pedestrians and cyclists, especially around bus stops and transit hubs. This collaboration between Mobycon consultants and Canadian traffic engineers is resulting in new forms on Albert Street, Main Street, Lees Avenue and Churchill Avenue in Ottawa. These streets are a physical representation of Dutch ideas tailored to suit the needs of a North American city.

At Mobycon, we like to work in collaboration with local partners who can quickly educate us about the situation and share our enthusiasm for new approaches in sustainability. 

For more information about our design consulting services or general partnership opportunities, contact Dick van Veen in Europe, Elizabeth Allingham in Canada or Mary Hudson Embry in the United States. 


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