Welcome to our North American team!

Mobycon is pleased to welcome two new sustainable mobility consultants, Elizabeth Allingham in Canada and Mary Hudson Embry in the United States. Elizabeth and Mary are uniquely qualified build partnerships and translate European practices to the North American context having both spent time in Europe’s leading bicycle nations, The Netherlands and Denmark.
Elizabeth has more than 10 years experience working closely with cities in Canada helping them embrace innovative mobility solutions. She is an experienced project and program manager with special expertise in designing knowledge sharing products for different stakeholder groups. Educated in planning, sociology and community economic development, Elizabeth has worked on urban and transportation issues at two prominent national organizations, The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) and the Canadian Urban Transit Association (CUTA). With talent in fundraising, strategic planning, partnership building and everything in between, Elizabeth is oriented toward action. Recently, Elizabeth organized the Kickstand Sessions, bicycle planning master class in cities across Canada.
Mary has just returned to the United States after four years in Copenhagen where she worked as the Director of Planning at Copenhagenize Design Co. As a sustainable mobility consultant, Mary is experienced in managing large-scale planning studies, teaching best practices and designing media campaigns. Mary studied environmental infrastructure and urban planning at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. She has skill in design, planning, communications and project management. Mary helped develop the curriculum for the Kickstand Sessions and was involved in teaching the classes in Canada.
Elizabeth and Mary are excited about the positive changes happening in North American mobility and love discussing the subject. For information about services Mobycon offers to communities and businesses or to learn more about partnership opportunities, contact Elizabeth, +1(613)216-2332 in Canada and Mary, +1(704) 740-0614 in the United States. 


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