Easing traffic congestion through employer-initiated efforts

Utrecht in the Central part of The Netherlands is home to many businesses and the region has the traffic congestion to match. It is estimated 30 percent of traffic jams in the country take place on the roads of this region. The Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment and regional partners defined measures that can increase kilometres of passenger rail by 5 percent and reduce congestion by 20 to 30 percent in the next year. 

Employers in the Utrecht area have created a network through which they are sharing best practices for mobility management. Some successful efforts already being employed include the following.

  • The New Work is an approach that promotes flexible scheduling and the use of technology so employees can work from home while still remaining in contact and productive.
  • Bicycle use has been stimulated in the region and e-bikes are making it possible to bike commute from greater distances.
  • Mobility budgets given by employers to employees can encourage the use of bicycles and public transportation because these modes are more economical than private cars.
  • Public transportation is being made more convenient through arrangements where employers make a commitment to the service by purchasing a bulk of transit passes in exchange for stops and stations closer to their offices.
  • Carpooling is being encouraged through matching programs within companies that make it easier for employees to find colleagues who live nearby.

New measures are being developed all the time. The project for Utrecht is part of a larger program launched by the national government to reduce congestion at the country’s busiest points on the road, railways and water. The program is unique because it encourages cooperation between the national government, regional government and businesses. 

Mobycon is working to develop creative solutions working in between the government and private employers in the region of Utrecht. 

For more information about the Better Utilisation program or mobility management in general, contact Senior Consultant Martijn van de Leur 


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