Introducing BRUTUS, the Bicycle Traffic Model

BrutusIf you are reading this, you are well aware that The Netherlands is perhaps the best cycling country in Europe (but this is a battle we fight with the Danes). Actually, the bike is so common that sometimes it is forgotten. A good example is traffic models. For decades we have had models for car and public transport, but it was more difficult to adjust a model for the bicycle. With recent developments, such as increasingly crowded paths, the rise of the e-bicycle and no drop in the number of bicycle accidents, I am happy to report this gap has been bridged. Our company has partnered with a Finnish company Strafica to offer a traffic model based on bicyclists. Strafica has a revolutionary outlook on traffic models and BRUTUS, as the model is called, is strongly based on bicyclists and their needs. We have successfully applied BRUTUS to the Uithof campus of Utrecht University. Now, we are working on the construction and realisation of BRUTUS for the entire region of Utrecht, which is an area of more than 650,000 inhabitants. This is just one of our contributions to keeping The Netherlands as the top cycling country in Europe! 

If you are interested in learning how BRUTUS can support the cycling policy on your campus or in your city or region, contact me, Johan Diepens, CEO & Founder of Mobycon.


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