New tool adds value for cycling policy


Is your city, region, tourism body, company or other organization seeking to promote cycling? NAVIKI is a software product that gives planners valuable information for developing cycling policy and offers cyclists everyday convenience. Mobycon presents NAVIKI together with our German partner beemo GmbH. 

Here are three ways NAVIKI demonstrates the bike-friendliness of your community directly to your target group of cyclists. 

Plan bike routes: a customised NAVIKI page

A customised page allows cyclists to find destinations reachable by bike and plan their routes. In turn, planners collect information from cyclists useful to developing cycling policy. Get inspiration from cities like Berlin, Cologne and Delft

Highlight accessibility: NAVIKI routing on your website

Organisations and businesses can assist visitors in easily reaching their location by bike through including a NAVIKI routing widget on their website. Best of all, it only takes a few minutes to set up! 

Navigate on the go: NAVIKI Apps

iPhones and Android mobiles function as navigation tools conveniently directing cyclists along their route with the NAVIKI apps. Apps also make it easy to record routes and give cyclists the power to support cycling policy in their communities. 

To learn more about NAVIKI, check out the video below.

Our partnership

The information gathered via NAVIKI products can be useful in cycle planning, research and projects. beemo GmbH and Mobycon have combined technical knowledge with international and Dutch cycling expertise to create this product. beemo GmbH works on the development and functioning of the software, while Mobycon is bringing awareness about NAVIKI to communities that can benefit. Together, we are ready to help you promote cycling! 

Contact Angela van der Kloof or Martijn van de Leur for more information about NAVIKI or the partnership between Mobycon and beemo GmbH.


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