Translating Dutch Practices to Get Britain Cycling

angela.pngHow do you make Dutch best practices work in your community?  This is the question Angela van der Kloof sets out to answer in her article published in Get Britain Cycling magazine, available for free download here


The Dutch traffic system is reflective of socio-cultural factors and values, including the image of the bike, demographics of cyclists and policies supporting the practice.  In her article, Angela explains a bit more about these factors and values and the way they have allowed mass cycling to flourish in The Netherlands.


We believe strongly in sharing expertise internationally so developing cycling communities can learn from our success (and failures) instead of reinventing the wheel.  Angela's article makes a great (and too often overlooked) point that Dutch lessons are more valuable and better translated when communities first take the time to reflect on the state of cycling where they live.


Read Angela's article for the full story. For more information about the educational services offered by Mobycon, including study tours and customised workshops, contact Angela directly. Originally trained as a teacher, Angela has a passion for putting people and new ideas in motion using bikes. 


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