Get rolling with Dutch bicycle planning

Have you ever experienced rush hour from the seat of a bike? This July 23-25, come and immerse yourself in the Dutch bicycle tradition through Mobycon's Bicycle 360 Study Tour. Wondering what study tours are like, get a taste by checking out the photo album below from a tour we led last spring.

More than a hop-on, hop-off tour, the Bicycle 360 tour is a dynamic learning experience that will challenge participants to process what they are seeing so they can begin thinking about application in their home communities. We'll explore on foot and by bike examining the small details that make Dutch streets so bike friendly while also drawing attention to the larger forces that help make bicycle use simple and normal. The tour covers infrastructure, facilities, policy and culture and is aimed at city planners, traffic engineers, economic development and government officials ready to start building momentum around the bike.

An early bird discount is available for participants who register before June 22. Visit our study tour website for more information or contact Angela van der Kloof with questions.   


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