Update Dutch Traffic Safety

Traffic_Safety.jpgIn 2013, total traffic fatalities in The Netherlands declined by 12 percent, while the European average was a decline of 8 percent. There's a ways to go until everybody gets home safe, but more cities are adopting vision zero, new technology is being developed to improve communication between bikes and cars and Dutch authorities at all levels are actively working to develop partnerships and innovations that improve road safety.  

The theme at this year's Nationaal Verkeersveiligheidscongres, NVCC (National Road Safety Congress), in 's-Hertongenbosch, April 24, was “building bridges, connecting worlds.” Mobycon consultant Jacky Lodewijks contributed expertise in mobility, safety and policy at a session about driverless vehicles. The session was directed at helping road authorities and policy makers at the local and regional levels understand the safety and transport policy implications associated with the arrival of autonomous vehicles in the not-so-distant future. 

Mobycon along with the Municipality of Helmond, RDW a public service provider in the mobility chain and TNO an independent research organisation featured short presentations and debate covering the following: 

  • the reliability of current driverless cars and expectations for the near future, 
  • liability in the case of accidents, 
  • the transitional phase when both driverless and regular cars are on the road, and
  • ways operators and policymakers can anticipate autonomous vehicles.

Mobycon consultants also participated in a marketplace geared toward local municipalities seeking to improve the safety of cyclists. More information about all the topics presented is available (in Dutch) through the conference magazine

Keep exploring our website to find out more about the Dutch approach to traffic transportation and mobility or to read about recent projects related to traffic safety. Mobycon’s traffic safety services include: road safety programmes, accident analysis, design of infrastructure, education programs & measures and lectures, excursions, workshops and coaching.

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