ThinkBike USA

Thinking through local issues related to accommodating bicycles in cities is the objective of ThinkBike Workshops, which are organized by the Dutch Cycling Embassy. Mobycon designer Dick van Veen is using his expertise as an architect and traffic engineer to teach workshops in the cities of Chicago, Illinois and Chattanooga, Tennessee.


Sharing the Sidewalk

Whether the sidewalk is a narrow strip of concrete or a wide flower-lined promenade, there are always competing demands for this space. Should cyclists have priority or pedestrians or those using personal mobility devices? Designer Dick van Veen shared some ideas on the subject at the Walk21 International Conference on Walking and Liveable Communities in Munich, Germany, September 9 – 11, 2013.


Dick van Veen at Walk21

Enabling cooperation between pedestrian and cycling networks and advocates is these areas is the subject of Dick van Veen’s talk at the upcoming Walk21, the 14th annual international conference on walking and liveable communities scheduled for 11 to 13 of September in Munich, Germany.


Sharrows pave a safer street

King Street in Kitchener, Ontario is being transformed from a street to a multi-modal, public space with flexible parking defined by removable bollards, wide sidewalks with rolled curbs, bike parking, and most recently, super sharrows to help divide the street in a way that gives cyclists comfort and drivers an indication they are sharing the road with another user.


Mobycon consultant juror for international bike facility design

Take some prefabricated steel boxes, an idea for providing cyclists with the facilities they need and some visionary architecture and design students and this is the Trimo Urban Crash Competition held in Ljubljana, Slovenia.


Sharing Dutch cycle planning expertise

Dick van Veen presents ThinkBike. Helsinki, Finland has been integrating cycling facilities into the city’s infrastructure since the 1960s with a strict division between heavy and light traffic resulting in a system that puts cyclists on sidewalks with pedestrians. The mix has resulted in complaints from pedestrians causing the city to reconsider their approach to cycle planning with help from Dutch experts.


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