Summer Study Tour Dates July 23-25

Mobycon’s International Team is excited to announce the Bicycle 360 Study Tour will be offered July 23-25.  This tour showcases the components of the successful Dutch cycling tradition and includes training components so city planners, traffic engineers, economic development officials, city council members and other participants can develop their own unique cycling traditions at home.



24 European projects were presented during the Kenniscongres Europa 2013, organised by Mobycon on 10 October in Soest, The Netherlands. The projects presented were funded through various European programmes aimed at research contributing to energy efficiency, sustainable business growth and jobs development.


Knowledge conference europe 2013 - A BRIDGE TO HORIZON2020

The latest innovative traffic and transport projects will be the focus of a one-day meeting, “Kenniscongres Europa 2013 – Een Brug Naar Horizon 2020” Thursday, October 10 at Stayokay in Soest.


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