2014 International Cargo Bike Festival

Courriers, handymen and even waste collectors are beginning to embrace the cargo bike in an effort to save money and time spent parking and traveling. In order to bring together professionals already using the bikes, entrepreneurs considering incorporating bikes into their business plans and manufacturers of cargo bikes and related components, the International Cargo Bike Festival is being organized in Nijmegen, The Netherlands April 12-13.


Second newsletter WEASTFLOWS

Mobycon is partner in the European project WEASTFLOWS, a project that aims to improve the flow of goods within the North West Europe region. The project is partly funded by the Interreg IVb program of the European Commission.



24 European projects were presented during the Kenniscongres Europa 2013, organised by Mobycon on 10 October in Soest, The Netherlands. The projects presented were funded through various European programmes aimed at research contributing to energy efficiency, sustainable business growth and jobs development.


Carrying the load with cargo bikes

Electric-cargo bikes can be a solution for families with small children and groceries to transport, and they can also be a solution for the delivery of goods within cities. Two European Commission-sponsored projects aim to explore the possibilities offered by e-cargo bikes, and now opportunities for collaboration between the two projects are being explored.


E-Cargo Subsidy Available

Companies who wish to try using an e-cargo bike for the transport of goods are now eligible to receive a subsidy of 800 euro, if they agree to cooperate for one year with Mobycon. Mobycon is conducting an evaluation of the e-cargo bikes to understand their utility as it relates to kilometers traveled, technical issues, the impact of bad weather, user satisfaction and other factors.


Knowledge conference europe 2013 - A BRIDGE TO HORIZON2020

The latest innovative traffic and transport projects will be the focus of a one-day meeting, “Kenniscongres Europa 2013 – Een Brug Naar Horizon 2020” Thursday, October 10 at Stayokay in Soest.


Touring on two-wheels

The potential of two-wheeled transportation in facilitating urban transportation was the objective of an exhibition in front of the European Parliament in Brussels on September 18. At Sustainable2Wheels, which was part of the European Commission’s Mobility Week, Senior Consultant Ronald Jorna presented two projects about creating less energy-intensive transportation to serve the tourism industry, STARTER and SEEMORE.


Newsletter WEASTLFOWS available!

Twice a year the newsletter of the European project WEASTFLOWS appears and is now available.


ICT and Freight: a smart pair

Mobycon is partner in the European FP7 project E-FREIGHT. This project has made a short movie to explain the e-freight concept.


BESTFACT second International Workshop on e-Freight

BESTFACT second International Workshop on e-Freight: “East West Corridor information exchange”, 18th & 19th June 2013 in Vilnius, Lithuania. Mobycon is partner in this project and our senior advisor Ronald Jorna will participate.


PRO-E-BIKE launched during Carrier Bike Event 2013

How about a hot out of the oven pizza, delivered by bike? Hans Kooijman’s carrier bike makes this possible. Il Forno Mobile and other carrier bikes will be unveiled at Bakfiets Treffen 2013 on Sunday, April 7, an event which also marks the launch of PRO E-BIKE.


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