E-Cargo Subsidy Available

Companies who wish to try using an e-cargo bike for the transport of goods are now eligible to receive a subsidy of 800 euro, if they agree to cooperate for one year with Mobycon. Mobycon is conducting an evaluation of the e-cargo bikes to understand their utility as it relates to kilometers traveled, technical issues, the impact of bad weather, user satisfaction and other factors.


ThinkBike USA

Thinking through local issues related to accommodating bicycles in cities is the objective of ThinkBike Workshops, which are organized by the Dutch Cycling Embassy. Mobycon designer Dick van Veen is using his expertise as an architect and traffic engineer to teach workshops in the cities of Chicago, Illinois and Chattanooga, Tennessee.


Sustainable tourism in Greece

Kos, Greece is a Mediterranean Isle with historic towns, beaches and summer cultural festivals that attract visitors from around the world. The visitors also bring with them lots of cars and congestion. To improve conditions of transport for visitors and locals and work toward larger goals of the European Commission related to public health and the environment, Kos is one of the communities participating in the European Commission sponsored project, Sustainable Transport for Areas with Tourism Through Energy Reduction (STARTER).


Translating Cycling Planning

Walking and cycling are two forms of transportation accessible to a large segment of the population no matter if they are 8 or 80 years old. Angela van der Kloof spoke about this topic at the Professional Development Conference of the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals in Boulder, USA, September 9 - 12, 2013.


Bike Networks in Extreme Weather

Slippery roads seem for off in June but they are a serious issue to consider in enabling cycling all year round. Alex Roedoe a Senior Consultant at Mobycon recently contributed to a study on the treatment of the bicycle network in extreme weather conditions. The study was commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Fietsberaad, a Dutch organisation specialising in the dissemination of knowledge about bicycle policy.


Amsterdam vs. Copenhagen?

There is a friendly rivalry between the reigning cities of cycling in Europe, Copenhagen and Amsterdam. For the last 10 years, the city of Copenhagen has been compiling a bicycle account annually to assess cycling developments and help direct future planning.


Kickoff Naviki Delft

Naviki is a website and app that calculates bicycle routes, stores user routes and allows users to share routes with others.


Mobycon advises Calgary

The City of Calgary has 12,000 riders coming in and out of downtown every day, and soon those riders will be able to get back and forth using a network of protected bike lanes. Mobycon CEO, Johan Diepens and Senior Consultant Angela van der Kloof are in Calgary this week helping to launch the the centre city cycle track network project.


Angela van der Kloof at Velo-City

Wednesday, June 12, 2013, Senior Consultant, Angela van der Kloof will present “Lessons Learned Through Training Immigrant Women in The Netherlands to Cycle” at Velo-City Vienna.


Ottawa by bike

In the center of Ottawa, the mode share for biking is 6 percent, compared to the Canadian average of 2 percent. New infrastructure is being built including a bike and pedestrian bridge, which will enable cyclists to cross over a busy parkway to reach shopping and other neighborhoods.


Sharrows pave a safer street

King Street in Kitchener, Ontario is being transformed from a street to a multi-modal, public space with flexible parking defined by removable bollards, wide sidewalks with rolled curbs, bike parking, and most recently, super sharrows to help divide the street in a way that gives cyclists comfort and drivers an indication they are sharing the road with another user.


Dutch continue cycling innovations

Electric bikes as alternatives to cars and redesigned roundabouts were two of the topics Johan Diepens, founder and CEO of Mobycon, discussed in his presentation, “Planning for Cyclists in Holland” at the Cycle City Expo in Birmingham, England, April 25.


PRO-E-BIKE launched during Carrier Bike Event 2013

How about a hot out of the oven pizza, delivered by bike? Hans Kooijman’s carrier bike makes this possible. Il Forno Mobile and other carrier bikes will be unveiled at Bakfiets Treffen 2013 on Sunday, April 7, an event which also marks the launch of PRO E-BIKE.


Mobycon consultant juror for international bike facility design

Take some prefabricated steel boxes, an idea for providing cyclists with the facilities they need and some visionary architecture and design students and this is the Trimo Urban Crash Competition held in Ljubljana, Slovenia.


Velo-City Vienna 2013 to feature Mobycon consultant

Equal access to public space is an issue that has fascinated Angela van der Kloof since university where she studied education and human geography. In her experience, the bicycle is a tool for stimulating participation and integration in society and creating an environment that is social and accessible for all. Angela has been teaching immigrant women to cycle in her hometown of Tilburg, The Netherlands since the 1990s. She is the creator of a successful program entitled “Cycling Friends” in which enthusiastic cyclists support beginning cyclists by riding together. She will share the lessons learned through this experience during a podium speech at Velo-City 2013.


Smarter cycling tools for cities

Smarter cycling tools for cities, a workshop by Angela van der Kloof. Cycling from point A to point B is only getting easier with Naviki, an online route planning tool capable of locating the fastest path to a Monday morning meeting or the most scenic loop through the city’s main attractions, depending on the user’s search input.


Cycling for economic health

A presentation by Johan Diepens. There is no comparing the trunk of a car with the basket of a bicycle – though a cargo bike might come close. But people on bikes are much more susceptible to the charm of fresh fruit and sunny café tables than those speeding by in a car. More frequent stops, mean those bike baskets are filled up more frequently. In other words, bikes are good for business.


Cycling for social integration

A symposium including Angela van der Kloof. Cycling is simply a way to get around in The Netherlands. When Senior Consultant Angela van der Kloof took a position teaching immigrant women to cycle 20 years ago, she never expected to learn so much doing such a mainstream activity. In reality, she found cycling is linked with an individual’s position within their family as well as within society, and the bicycle is a tool that can be used to empower people.


Sharing Dutch cycle planning expertise

Dick van Veen presents ThinkBike. Helsinki, Finland has been integrating cycling facilities into the city’s infrastructure since the 1960s with a strict division between heavy and light traffic resulting in a system that puts cyclists on sidewalks with pedestrians. The mix has resulted in complaints from pedestrians causing the city to reconsider their approach to cycle planning with help from Dutch experts.


2013 Launch of Kickstand Sessions: bicycle planning master class

Liveable cities are bicycle-friendly cities, but the question is how exactly to make a city friendly to bicycles. Experts from Mobycon and Danish partner, Copenhagenize Design Co. are touring North America teaching a bicycle planning master class meant to inspire planners, politicians, cycling advocates and other champions of liveable communities with lessons learned in The Netherlands and Denmark.


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