Retrofitting Churchill Avenue Ottawa (Canada)

Client and question: The car is still the dominant mode of transportation in the City of Ottawa but cycling is increasing. With more cyclists on the road, the city was interested in learning more about the Dutch approach to traffic safety. Churchill Avenue, a major thoroughfare into downtown Ottawa, was due for reconstruction. 
Result: Mobycon consultants have decades of experience designing roads safe for all users. Our team worked with Robinson Consultants and RGTS to create a preliminary design of a complete street. We proposed Dutch style road layout and intersection design, which was by our collaboration with Canadian firms tailored to meet Ottawa's needs. Several innovative design solutions, like the Dutch junction with separated cycle crossings instead of onroad crossings and the so called 'exit construction' at smaller neighbourhood roads made this preliminary design both unique and safe for all users. 

Complete Street Reconstruction Ottawa (Canada)

Client and question: A new light rail system (LRT) is planned for the City of Ottawa. The LRT was designed to run parallel to Albert Street. As a result, a bus-only lane would no longer be needed. The city saw this opportunity to incorporate a new bicycle/pedestrian facility.
Result: Mobycon together with RGTS, a Canadian civil engineering design group, provided detailed analysis and design recommendations for cycling and pedestrian facilities. “Good,” “Better,” and “Best” design options were developed. The chosen design combines bike tracks and bike lanes. The design solution features a raised crossing at a minor intersection, improved access for cyclists at side streets and widened sidewalks to accommodate the increased pedestrian volumes expected because of the light rail. The final design eliminates vehicle and cyclist conflict points at intersections. This will be the first bike track built in Ottawa. The project provided an opportunity to implement safety measures commonly used in The Netherlands in a North American city. 

The Kickstand Sessions (Canada)

Dutch & Danish inspiration for North American Solutions

Client and question: Kickstand is an exciting and comprehensive master class that was launched in North America in Spring 2012.

The aim is to bring together various types of groups with world-class expertise in the areas of bicycle planning, policy, and culture. Using these diverse backgrounds we will create locally relevant insights, solutions, and actionable steps for building bicycle cultures and increasing sustainable mobility. The workshops will be two-day sessions.

Result: Kickstand’s outcome will not only be a stronger understanding of best practice bicycle related implementations and how to market them, but will also provide an opportunity for a continued partnership with Dutch and Danish experts. Listening to you, hearing and visualizing your priorities, we will help you realize the fundamental goal: to get more people of all ages, socio-economic backgrounds, genders, and ethnicities riding a bike.

The Kickstand Sessions will be launched in Canadian cities in Spring 2012. 

More information can be found on the Kickstand Sessions website.

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