Public Transport 

"Free" public transport Cost-Benefit Analysis The Hague (The Netherlands)  

Client and question: The Municipality of The Hague was trying to determine the value of free public transport for senior citizens with low incomes. Mobycon consultants were asked to create a social cost-benefit analysis.

Result: Our study found that the total social benefits were higher than the costs as accessibility is increased, the environment benefits and fewer traffic accidents occur. Also, the municipality pays for fewer taxi rides and the use of cars is diminished.

Small-scale and voluntary public transport Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

Client and question: The City of Rotterdam is improving their public transport network by making it faster with more direct connections. The disadvantage of these measures is that there will be more “white spots” in the network where the nearest stop will be beyond walking distance for most travellers, especially senior citizens. The region asked Mobycon to come with innovative ideas and concepts to fill in these "white spots."

Results: Mobycon analysed several possible solutions. Costs and benefits were examined as well as the connection with the municipal transport systems for handicapped people. By combining several types of transportation and making use of volunteer-driven community buses, the feasibility of transport solutions is guaranteed.  

Evaluation of Policy Vision for Public Transport Noord-Brabant (The Netherlands)

Client and question: Mobycon was asked to evaluate The Province of Noord-Brabant's public transport policy. 

Result: We based our evaluation on a document study, interviews with policy makers and two workshop. Along with our evaluation, we provided clear recommendations to guide the province, including ideas like limiting the number of policy goals and making goals very concrete. We also recommended using a balanced score card to monitor goals. Regularly monitoring goals in this way makes it easier to determine whether additional actions are necessary.

Feasibility study of LRV bus line 37 in Delft (The Netherlands)

Client and question: Bus line 37 is a connection between Kijkduin via Delft to Zoetermeer. This connection is one of the few East-West connections around Delft, as most public transport connections are North-South connections. The city of Delft requested insight into the potential of the line and into actions that would need to be taken to transform the line into an LRV connection. We were asked to perform an extended feasibility study including new development areas around Delft.

Result: We provided the city of Delft with a lobby document with dedicated advice for getting partners involved in realizing an LRV connection.

Supporting accessible bus stops plan and actions Province of North Brabant (The Netherlands)

Client and question: The province of North Brabant asked for support and realisation of the accessible bus stops plan and actions. Most bus stops in the province will be made accessible, following the national standard. We supported the province in the process of checking the designs for conformity to the standards. Moreover, we supported them in the program of promoting bus travel for disabled people. One of our consultants acted as a programme manager in setting up the projects and promoting actions.

Result: Realization of fully accessible bus stops and start up of several action projects to promote bus travel among disabled people.

Marketing plan of Public Transport Ambassadors and low-fare tickets in the Province of Overijssel (The Netherlands)

Client and question: The province of Overijssel requested a feasibility study for the introduction of a low-fare ticket for senior citizens as well as support in implementing the low-fare ticket. We therefore set up a marketing communication plan and we provided public transport ambassadors. We educated the ambassadors on how to explain the public transport system and the working of the low-fare tickets. The ambassadors are the key link to the senior citizen and will influence the target group to travel by bus. 

Result: Implementation of the low-fare ticket for senior citizen and a running system of public transport ambassadors who are able to explain the working of the public transport system, including the low-fare tickets in Overijssel. 


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