Traffic Management 

Implementation of IM on the associated road network Rotterdam (The Netherlands)     

Client and Question:The municipality of Rotterdam requested help with implementing incident management on the municipal road network. 

Result: In the implementation, both internal and externally involved parties have been informed, IM routes have been determined, a roadmap/scenario has been created and the necessary agreements have been established.

Evaluation of Regional Management North-Holland (In Dutch: RegioRegie)        

Client and Question:The Province of North-Holland requested an evaluation of the procedure for coordinating road works.

Result: Mobycon performed an evaluation of the procedure for coordinating road works for the Province of North-Holland. In this evaluation, RegioRegie proved to be the tried and true concept for preventing unnecessary traffic hindrance. RegioRegie provides a positive cost-benefit ratio by reducing travel time.

Evaluation anti-icing cooperation treaty (The Netherlands)       

Client and Question:The regional cooperation group Bereik! required an evaluation of the anti-icing cooperation treaty. 

Result: Mobycon performed this evaluation by taking stock of current policy and holding interviews with municipal, provincial and national road managers. With this evaluation, Bereik! has gained insight into the procedures and potential points of improvement regarding winter services in the region.



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