Accessible public transport stops for the Province of Noord-Brabant (The Netherlands)

Client and question: The Province of Noord-Brabant awarded a subsidy to transform existing public transport stops into fully accessible stops. Mobycon was asked to evaluate the new designs.

Result: Mobycon has checked and evaluated these newly designed public transport stops.  All the criteria for accessibility were taken into account when performing this evaluation.

Accessibility within the shared space redevelopment plans for the municipality of Middelharnis (The Netherlands)

Client and question:  The municipality asked Mobycon to contribute to the shared space design at the Koningin Julianaweg (Queen Juliana Road).

Result: Together with Kuiper Compagnons, Mobycon has redesigned the Koningin Julianaweg following shared space principles. Within these open designs, it is especially important to take the needs of disabled people into account. Mobycon made sure that their wishes and requests were incorporated into this spatial design.

Handbook ‘Guidelines for universal access in public space’ (The Netherlands)

Client and question:  Mobycon was asked to develop a handbook for guidelines to designing for universal access in public spaces. Our client, the CROW, is the Dutch organisation responsible for gathering and publishing knowledge in the areas of traffic and transport.

Result: We developed a handbook providing an overview of the practical guidelines on how to efficiently and effectively incorporate guidelines for accessibility in public spaces.


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