Minnesota Active Transportation Program

In 2022, the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) initiated a program with Terra Soma and Mobycon to enhance active transportation throughout the state. Through “The Great Street, Healthy Places” approach, they combine frameworks to create smarter, safer, and healthier environments, promoting walking and cycling. The three-year program involves 42 Active Transportation Plans, 12 demo projects, training, and resources. Tasks include planning assistance, demo project implementation, and providing non-infrastructure support. The aim is to empower communities for lasting positive change and encourage long-term shifts in systems and behaviors.


In 2022, the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) launched a program to improve active transportation across the state. In a team led by Terra Soma, Mobycon is collaborating to provide active mobility and demonstration project support using the place- based and human-centered approach called The Great Street, Healthy Places, combining frameworks from Terra Soma and Mobycon. This approach offers communities tools to apply to create smarter, safer, healthier environments that better balance the spatial needs of users, enhance the quality of the public realm and increase walking and cycling access for all.

Running for three years, the program will deliver 42 Active Transportation Plans, 12 demonstration projects, statewide trainings, and other active transportation resources. The program is organized into three tasks. The first is focused on providing planning assistance, working with Terra Soma and MnDOT to develop Active Transportation Action Plans in 42 communities. In the second task, MnDOT and communities are supported in designing and implementing demonstration projects. The final task provides non-infrastructure support through trainings on transportation equity and justice, and international active travel best practices. Together these tasks will better position communities for long-term impact, encourage infrastructure investments, and other shifts that can result in long-term systems and behavior changes.