If a Mobycon-designed streetscape could talk, what would it say? It would tell you that it’s possible to feel safe and look good at the same time.

To us, good streetscape design always does more than one thing at a time. Above all, it elegantly combines the natural need for safety with the desire of road-users to feel invited into the streetscape.

We understand that the sense of place a street establishes is all-important when it comes to encouraging people to use it. That is why our approach is not purely technical, but also aesthetic. Thus, we ensure visually appealing living streets that are a pleasure for any road-user to flow through.

When to mix, when to separate
Our streetscapes are multi-modal, and we know when to mix different modes of transportation, and when keeping them separate is the better option. When to emphasize the flow and when to emphasize the sense of place.

A streetscape may include elements such as shared spaces, protected intersections and road diets, all of which we are long-standing experts in designing.

Our proactive approach embodies the highly regarded principles of The Sustainable Safety Framework, the Dutch approach to Vision Zero, which aims to reduce traffic fatalities as much as humanly possible.

More than three decades of design experience
The foundation of our Dutch design methods is made up of more than three decades of research, practice and accumulated expertise.

With a persistent look toward the future, our designs always go beyond the immediate challenges our clients may be facing.

Put bluntly, we simply insist on creating solutions that are future-proof.


• Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities
• Complete Streets
• Road Diet Reconfigurations
• Street Design Review
• Protected Intersections and Roundabouts
• Shared Space and Slow Streets
• Placemaking
• Public Realm, Plazas, and Open Spaces
• Multimodal Transit Hubs
• Tactical Urbanism
• Traffic Calming
• School Zones
• Pilot Projects
• Streetsketch