Mobycon aims to make streets safer, neighbourhoods more accessible, and our cities enjoyable places to live. From running workshops to inspire local actors, to providing well researched plans or drawing up different streets; we maintain this ethos whenever we apply our expertise. We plan, design, and learn to change transportation in a positive way.


Mobycon has used their extensive network to assist Europe in progressing transnational partnerships and initiatives. Within Europe, everyone looks to the Dutch for assistance in creating a harmonious transportation network.


Mobycon works for provinces, municipalities, traffic safety organisations, ministries, the European Commission, private companies, retail associations, chambers of commerce, educational institutions, and other consultancies. This broad spread of expereince has created an expertise which can be applied at the local, regional, national, and international level.


Sometimes projects require specialist parties to assist with the planning phase. Our network of partners has been acquired across the last 30 years. We’ve successfully collaborated with landscape architects, lawyers and engineers. Moreover, our European network spans 100 organisations in 20 countries. These organisations range from research institutes to truck manufactures; from ICT suppliers to universities; freight transportation companies by land and sea. Having a good relationship with the European Commission can often prove beneficial for our clients. This extensive network enables us to propose suitable and complete solutions.