What we do

Sustainable mobility solutions
tailor-made for the local context.

Urban mobility is evolving rapidly, and so are we. Our services offer comprehensive support for a diverse range of mobility projects.

Diverse services to meet your local needs

From small communities to large municipalities, our wide range of services is catered to the diversity of our clients’ needs. We work with them to plan policies and integrated networks that encourage safe behaviour, and use collaborative design approached to create accessible and welcoming public spaces. Through coaching, training, and workshop programs, our clients also building internal capacity, learning from our experts to ensure a high quality public space.

See our full list of services below.


  • Traffic Safety

    Safe, comfortable mobility for all users
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  • Transportation Planning

    Integrated mobility networks and plans
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  • MobyCoach

    Customized on-call support
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  • Street Design

    Complete streets and public space design for all users
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  • Mobility Research and Innovation

    Staying at the forefront of mobility innovation
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  • Engagement

    Inspiring positive and productive conversations
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  • Policy and Visioning Development

    Comprehensive changes to infrastructure and beyond
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  • Training and Capacity Building

    Strengthening communities by building local expertise
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Dusseldorf General Mobility Masterplan

Commercial Street Master Plan, Nanaimo, Canada

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ICIP Cycling Network Expansion

World Resources Institute

GIZ Safe Way To School in Batumi

Bern Train Station Street Redesign

Mobility Donut In Osterode

Cologne Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan

Roadway Cross Section Reallocation: A Guide

Cycle Parking Strategy And Implementation Plan In Eindhoven

Denmark Cycling Node Network

Joint Venture With Spackman Mossop Michaels In Sydney, Australia

Tbilisi Cycling Masterplan