Who we are

Our story

For decades, one country has managed to set the global standard when it comes to safe, innovative and sustainable mobility solutions: the Netherlands.

At Mobycon, we have lived and breathed, designed and improved Dutch mobility for more than three decades. The Dutch approach is in our DNA.

The mission of Mobycon has been clear from the get-go: To develop and implement mobility solutions that improve the lives and safety of all road-users – not just automobiles.

We are proud to work with our clients and partners around the world to inspire, support and innovate using Dutch-inspired approaches. We know that each and every city, street and intersection are unique and require a thoughtful, customized approach.

Every single day, our dedicated team members intuitively transcend time zones and national borders to develop, discuss and collaborate on projects that meet and exceed the needs of our cherished clients.

Projects that, in short, define the future of mobility.


Our Dutch roots

mobiliteit voor iedereenThe story of Mobycon began in 1987, when Johan Diepens founded the company in a city about 40 miles southwest of Amsterdam called Delft. This was Johan’s birthplace, and it’s still the location of the Mobycon headquarters.

Johan’s childhood neighborhood in Delft is also the home of the world’s first ‘woonerf’ – the unique living street concept that truly puts people first, and which provided great inspiration to the future CEO of Mobycon.

A revised version of the popular concept has become known as ‘home zones’ in the UK and the US, helping to ensure that cities are as child-friendly as possible.


Working with Monderman and Bach
In the early years of the company, Johan got to work closely with Hans Monderman, a true pioneer of innovative Dutch mobility.

methodieken mobyconMonderman is known as the creator of the ‘shared space’ concept, and Johan worked alongside Monderman, when he developed the first shared space pilot projects in the Dutch region of Friesland. The concept continues to play a highly significant role in our work.

Together with traffic guru Boudweyn Bach from the Delft University of Technology, Johan pioneered the new approach to bicycle network planning called Star Analysis. This user-oriented tool has been adapted to guide bike network design in cities in both Canada and the US.


Pioneers in Sustainable Safety

In the 1990’s, Mobycon was part of the core group of private consultants that served as co-developers of the Dutch government’s groundbreaking Sustainable Safety approach. Since then, it has become an international standard of traffic safety.


International Partnerships

As Mobycon grew over the decades, our endeavors also expanded, and we have done work throughout Eastern and Western Europe, including United Kingdom, France, Switzerland and Germany, as well as Giorgia and Albania.

In 2012, we began working with clients on the other side of the Atlantic, leading to the 2015 launch of Mobycon North America in Ottawa, Canada. This branch leads the work we do with clients and projects all over Canada and the United States.

As such, the company that was started in the Netherlands in 1987 has grown into an international enterprise with truly worldwide reach.