Cities in the UK face some major urban challenges: poor air quality, congestion and crowded public transport. Now more than ever, enabling inclusive cycling has the potential to help alleviate these problems and, as a Dutch company, Mobycon is excited to see it being taken seriously at all levels of government.

Creating safer, more pleasant places and a more efficient transport network is vital. It’s also important to recognise the way this infrastructure influences behaviour, and the way behaviour influences the design. In the Netherlands cycling is inclusive, people don’t need special skills, or a high level of confidence and athleticism to cycle. People are not cyclists, they are just riding their bike.

As a sustainable mobility consultancy, Mobycon is engaging with communities, working with councils and carrying out research to tailor our planning and design thinking to the local context. This results in mobility solutions based on Dutch principles, but applied to a British context. 

We challenge the notion that mobility is inherently stressful. Cycling can become a stress-free option, if we plan to make it simple, safe, and sensible. No more talk about the us vs. them, no more cyclists vs cars, and definitely no more cyclists vs pedestrians.

If cities are serious about becoming more liveable, sustainable and inclusive, cycling needs to feel absolutely safe, not stressful. It must be relaxing.

Mobycon is here to help.

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