The UNC Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention and the Highway Safety Research Center (HSRC) received funding to support communities in encouraging higher levels of activity through active transportation. The Communities on the Move program, started in 2018, has two main goals: to reduce the prevalence of diabetes in marginalized communities and to increase public participation in the decision-making process.

In 2022, the Mobycon team supported the on-site research of a team of community-based interns who embarked on a summer of activities centered around evaluating their neighborhood and identifying opportunities for improvement. In July, Mobycon led an in-person workshop with the interns to build on their research. The workshop included mapping and brainstorming activities and resulted in a list of possible short- medium- and long-term projects to improve active mobility conditions in the community. The interns presented their ideas during a community event which brings residents and decision-makers together to walk, ride, or roll a loop around the neighborhood with an eye to improving the safety and comfort of that experience. Mobycon is now supporting the creation of a comprehensive report which summarizes findings from all phases of this project to support future improvements and inform further research.