At Mobycon, we believe that providing children with positive public transit experiences can shape their travel behaviour in the long term. That’s why we have created our MobyKids program.

In short, MobyKids gives children a fun and early introduction to public transit – through a safe, supervised transit experience.

Through the program, the children develop new skills in a fun and engaging way, and the goal is to make sure that all children can travel safely and confidently from A to B.

Making physical activity part of daily travel

As part of MobyKids, the children are shown different mobility options that are alternatives to cars – and we highlight what local transit systems have to offer. We also work with the transit systems on ways they can engage and excite their future riders.

Furthermore, the MobyKids program puts emphasis on making a physical activity part of daily travel, as we believe this is a key part of a healthy lifestyle. This can be riding a bike to a transit hub or walking to a bus stop.

English-language version available

We launched Mobykids in 2008, and after more than 20,000 Dutch children successfully completed our program, we decided to go international.

This means that we are now offering an English-language version, initially available to Canadian children – and soon to American and British ones, too.

If you would like to learn more about MobyKids, please drop us a line at