Specialist team
Mobycon’s staff come from a range of different backgrounds, which allows us to approach the big picture of each situation. Instead of simply focusing on physical infrastructure, we consider the people using it too.

If you have a specific request, do not hesitate to contact one of our consultants!

Johan Diepens

‘Everyone is a mobilist; mobility is a basic need. I believe we should encourage people to be active, so a healthy lifestyle is part of our daily routine. Within the whole mobility system, we must remember that everyone has the right to come home!’

Founder & Director

Elizabeth Allingham

‘North American cities are building momentum to address mobility challenges. But there is so much left to do! I’m excited to support cities in Canada and the United States using practical and innovative ideas from the Netherlands to create local solutions.’

Director – North America

Dagmar Köhler

“Transport is not an end in itself but a key enabler to live, work, participate and thrive. In most parts of the world the potential of active travel is yet to be elevated. I am committed to help cities in Germany and abroad to connect with the Dutch experience and reflect on overarching goals and local necessities.”

Strategic Advisor

Bernhard Ensink

‘Sustainable mobility for all – that’s what matters for me. The base for this is the combination and integration of the sub-systems walking, cycling and public transport in one sustainable mobility system. This is crucial for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, especially for goal #11: Sustainable cities and communities. Happy to work on this with the Mobycon team and our clients.’

Strategic Advisor

Lennart Nout

‘The interplay of different modalities within cities intrigues me. I am always looking for the best solution for the city and its inhabitants, while playing close attention to bikes. In the Netherlands and abroad I give workshops on the development of cycling culture, strategic network planning, street design and intersection design.’

Manager of International Strategy

Angela van der Kloof

‘Planning, promotion and education for cycling are great tools that contribute to making places thrive, people participate and be healthy, as well as to the quality of the living environment.’

Strategic Advisor


Melissa Bruntlett

‘I believe that to create cities that work for every one, you have to tell a great story. Promoting multi-modal transportation to a mainstream audience means sharing the stories of the people who benefit from making communities more walkable and bikeable, and showing what is possible if we rethink the way we design our streets and public spaces. I strive to inspire people to create places where children can flourish, and where the simple act of moving through their city is a safe, simple, and enjoyable act.’

Communications and Engagement Advisor

Okka Maw

“Looking at the evolution of towns and cities through the ages, we know that transit, walking and cycling are the most efficient and sustainable ways of moving people. As someone that loves to see cities grow to their full potential, I’m passionate about ensuring we tailor our movement for people.”

Integrated Mobility Consultant

Zach Vanderkooy

‘Dutch urbanism may seem like magic at first glance, but it’s the result of courageous (and replicable) choices made by human beings. Experience from the Netherlands has tremendous power to inspire and inform the creativity we need to build more resilient, safe, equitable and prosperous communities.’

Integrated Mobility Advisor


Elke Schimmel

A fairer distribution of space and the deconstruction of the car-oriented city increase the quality of urban life: our surroundings become more attractive and healthier, safer, and less noisy.  All over the world, cities are building momentum for the transition to more sustainable forms of mobility. What an exciting time to be involved in shaping this transformation!

Senior Advisor

Eric Post

I believe one of the most effective ways for us to reduce our impact on the environment is to transition to more environmentally sustainable forms of transportation. Building cities where walking and cycling are safe, easy, and enjoyable is a win for all community members and the planet.

Integrated Mobility Consultant

Emily Thomason

‘When I first discovered safe, comfortable urban cycling in the Netherlands, I knew I wanted to help bring that kind of high-quality, people-focused infrastructure to North America. I’m excited to be able to do that as a member of the Mobycon team!’

Integrated Mobility Consultant

Anna Wyner

‘At a time when cities around the world are reclaiming public space away from cars and towards people faster than ever, I have a newfound determination to create and help enable change. I am excited to help bring Dutch expertise and experiences to the rest of the world, in hopes that we can transition to a more just, equitable, and sustainable world.’

Sustainable Mobility Consultant

Erik Ooms

‘We need to transform our cities into attractive, climate-neutral, and social urban spaces. Active mobility (cycling and walking), public transport, and short traveling distances are key. Together with other organisations, I would like to conduct practice- and impact-oriented research, whereby we do not reinvent the wheel, but learn from each other and exchange knowledge and experiences between countries and regions.’

Project Developer

Narayan Donaldson

“So many of the world’s challenges, from climate change, to public health, to wealth inequality, have the potential to be alleviated through changes to transportation systems. That is what underlies my passion for implementing sustainable, safe and equitable transportation solutions.”

Integrated Mobility Consultant

Jeremy Tang

International Communications Intern

Anna Tailliez

“As socio-technical systems, our transportation modes have a big influence on human societies and the way our environment is shaped. Supporting the decarbonised mobility transition, in France and abroad, via for example the design of people-oriented walking and cycling infrastructures sounds for me like a very tangible and motivating mission!”

Mobility Advisor

Robin van der Griend

“I am passionate about mobility, especially in urban contexts. It is an exciting challenge to contribute to more liveable places by designing streets that work for people, regardless whether people are staying or going. Using my experience from the Netherlands and the Nordics I enjoy helping cities with becoming more sustainable, mainly through giving people better options to walk and cycle.”

Sustainable Mobility Consultant and Street Designer



Moniek Jansen

‘The private use of cars still dominates the street scene. This individualistic and environmentally unfriendly form of mobility is increasingly inconsistent with our sustainable, social and accessibility goals. Within Mobycon, I work on stimulating cycling and other smart, innovative mobility solutions that increase the liveability of an area.’

Sustainable Mobility Consultant

Martijn van de Leur

‘I am fascinated by innovation and smart mobility solutions; from the development process with stakeholders to the end product for the user. I have years of experience with traffic and transport studies and work on bicycle and traffic safety, mobility management and mobility concepts.’

Commercial Director

Saskia Hermans

‘Mobility is freedom and should be accessible to as many people as possible. The best results are achieved with a clear vision of the system as a whole, which is designed right down to the details of the public space.

Mobility Advisor

Mirjam de Bok

‘The influence of mobility on our society is enormous. I believe that people, rather than cars, should be the focus of attention when we are designing public space and mobility policies. That is why I strive to take an integrated approach to mobility issues while keeping the human factor in mind. In this way, we can achieve a society that is less dependent on the car.’

Mobility Advisor

Brett Petzer

The hard work and the resources dedicated to making claims for space in a city are a reflection of their true priorities. I want these claims to become more equitable, so that motorists must work as hard to retain parking space as cyclists and pedestrians have to work to gain safe space.

Mobility Advisor

David Wansink

‘Getting the best out of people, that’s what I like best. So that they use all their qualities and a lot of fun to achieve the jointly set goal: making society less dependent on the car! ‘

Resource manager

Otto Cazemier

‘I communicate tactical and practical strategies. Most of all, I am interested in traffic and transport processes where a variety of interests and stakeholders are involved. As a team player, I actively contribute to solutions and I am open to ideas from others.’

Senior Advisor

Eveline de Jong

‘I view mobility issues of infrastructure, parking and research from multiple perspectives. In a solution-orientated, analytical, creative way, I seek the best solution for all parties involved.’

Mobility Advisor

Erik Wahle

‘Strong advice is accompanied by research. I conduct every survey in a manner tailored to that client. This is how I approach every inquiry. The results form the basis for useful and concrete advice.’

Senior Advisor and Research Team Leader

Alex Roedoe

‘I combine knowledge with a strategic, structured and practical view of traffic and transport. My expertise lies in spatial planning, traffic and transport structures, the design of public space and traffic management.’

Senior Advisor

Stephen Kurz

‘Though we are strongly influenced by our environment, effective urban design can help us make sustainable, healthy, and safe choices. Not because we’re more aware of our choices, but because we’re not. Good urban design makes the ‘right’ choice easy. To achieve this, I value non-traditional approaches to exploring and developing solutions to urban issues.’

Mobility Advisor

Irene Janssens

‘Organisation and communication are my passions! Arranging conferences, seminars, business trips in the Netherlands or abroad is what I do best! The marketing and communication of Mobycon, with me, is in good hands.’

Management Assistant

Babet Hendriks

‘Research into the use and potential of the electric bikes for long distance journeys gives new insights into the possibilities of sustainable mobility. I am inspired by my surroundings and strive for the best results.’

Mobility Advisor

Robin Kleine

‘In my work I support projects for passenger transport, chain mobility and research. My interest in the field of mobility is broad, meaning I can quickly understand and adapt to new topics.’

Mobility Advisor

Eelco Bos

‘I enjoy the challenge of a complex mobility issue. During my education in Traffic and Cultural Geography I learned how to solve these issues with professional knowledge and an eye for the environment.’

Mobility Advisor

Giorgia Berrevoets

‘Good graphic design tells a story. It corresponds to the purpose and idea behind a product. In my work, I always seek the perfect mix of creativity and functionality. Great design speaks for itself.’

Graphic Designer

Naomi Leerentveld

‘Like a spider in the centre of a large web, I make sure everything runs smoothly. I support my colleagues where needed, make appointments and manage their agendas. I also work with personnel policy and take care of the company invoicing.’