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Building for Bikes - Mobycon Masterclass

This March we’ll be in Bristol, UK, to deliver a Masterclass looking at how Dutch junction design can be applied in the UK to create cycle friendly cities. The event will take place alongside the 3rd Annual Public Health and Sustainable Transport summit.

Mobycon staff, Lennart and Eveline, will be guiding participants through the theory behind Dutch best practice when it comes to getting cyclists and pedestrians across junctions in a safe smooth manner. After this, participants will get a chance to put pen to paper and redesign a local junction using Dutch principles.

Attending our three-hour event will also give people the chance to hear leading professionals from around the UK speak at the conference’s morning and closing session. The day should leave people with not only inspiration, but also technical know-how when it comes to building for bicycles!

By sharing our Dutch cycling expertise, we hope to make communities around the world less dependent on motorised vehicles. Creating safe and welcoming environments, where all people feel it is safe to cycle, is a key aspect of this aim!

The event takes place on the 27th March at City Hall, Bristol. Places are limited, so book your tickets via conference organisers Landor LINKS’s website today:



Eveline de Jong

‘I view mobility issues of infrastructure, parking and research from multiple perspectives. In a solution-orientated, analytical, creative way, I seek the best solution for all parties involved.’

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