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Five Lessons about Fare-Free Public Transport

With a growing pool of 38 fare-free public transport (FFPT) networks running in 2023, France is an active player in the field as evidenced by the existence of a national dedicated observatory: L’Observatoire des villes du transport gratuit (Observatory of Cities with Fare-Free Public Transport). During a study trip in the Paris region last March, we had the opportunity to meet Julie Calnibalosky, scientific coordinator at the Observatory. Here, Anna Tailliez explores the five main take-aways from her presentation.

Anna Tailliez

“As socio-technical systems, our transportation modes have a big influence on human societies and the way our environment is shaped. Supporting the decarbonised mobility transition, in France and abroad, via for example the design of people-oriented walking and cycling infrastructures sounds for me like a very tangible and motivating mission!”

Mobility Advisor