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Johan Diepens delivers the keynote at Canadian Road Safety conference on Vision Zero

In May, Mobycon CEO Johan Diepens had the pleasure of delivering a keynote address to several hundred delegates at the Canadian Association of Road Safety Professionals (CARSP) in Calgary. This year CARSP selected “Vision Zero” as the theme of their annual conference given the increasing interest and momentum among Canadian jurisdictions looking to adopt this safe systems approach.

Through his address – “Vision Zero: Everybody has the right to come home” – Johan outlined key aspects of the Dutch framework for traffic safety known as Sustainable Safety, or Duurzaam veilig. It has been the guiding force behind this unique safety systems approach, making the Netherlands a world leader in bicycle use and traffic safety.

Johan’s work, and Mobycon’s mission, has always driven by an ethos that anyone, regardless of age, ability or income, has access to a comfortable and safe option for moving around their city. Of course, cycling plays a big role in facilitating this, but only when the mode is given the space and respect to do so. Johan’s keynote challenged the audience to bring all their separate discussions together to create one common vision, and ultimately, if Vision Zero is the path forward, to move forward to make it the common goal.

In addition to the keynote, Johan also presented new research from the Netherlands offering an innovative design methodology for incorporating various “vehicle families” now present in urban environments. Developed by Mobycon and their partners for the ANWB (the Dutch Traveler’s Association), the approach focuses on designing urban public spaces with adaptability in mind. As Johan points out, as new technology is rapidly changing, so are our transportation options. Identifying vehicle families and grouping them based on weight and speed allows designers to create high quality multi modal networks. As new mobility devices enters the scene, this new approach will provide valuable insight to designers and policy makers alike.

During his trip, Johan visited our clients in Canmore, AB, to see our work there

As more cities make a commitment to Vision Zero, Johan’s keynote encouraged delegates to continue their traffic safety efforts. By taking inspiration from the Sustainable Safety framework, and working together towards a common vision, it is possible to chart a new course. One that makes traveling on our streets safer for even the most vulnerable road users. Johan and the Mobycon team are ready to work with partners to make this goal a reality.

To learn more about Mobycon’s work for the ANWB in the Netherlands or the ways in which we support traffic safety in Canada, please contact Johan Diepens or Justin Goudling.

About Johan

Johan DiepensJohan is the Director and Founder of Mobycon, which he established in Delft, The Netherlands in 1986. His mission for the company since that day has been to make the world less dependent on cars.

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